Adult Acne Natural Remedies – Steps to More Flawless Skin

Acne is a problem for thousands of people. Most of the time, acne affects teenagers going through puberty. But, acne is also an adult problem. Natural remedies can help you get relief for the outbreaks and eventually stop them altogether.

What is acne?

Acne is a skin disorder affecting the sebaceous (sweat) glands in your body. It usually shows up as pimples or blackheads. The condition is quite painful at times. The pores that house hair follicles become infected with bacteria and clogged with sebaceous oils. If you’ve ever had acne you know all about it. Also, having it can ruin your self-esteem because of the way it looks.

Adult acne is more common than you think. People in their 40s can experience acne for the first time. This can be found not only on the face but also on your back, your neck, your chest, and your arms. The pimples and blackheads can cause scarring on the body that won’t go away.

What causes acne?

Acne can have many causes. It can be hereditary. Some people just have the kind of skin that is prone to acne breakouts. Other causes for acne include:

o Poor eating habits
o Constipation

Knowing what causes acne and what acne really is can help with solving the problem. There are many over-the-counter products that people have tried. Natural remedies have the advantage of no preservatives or fillers that can further irritate your skin while it is trying to cure the acne problem.

What are some of the natural remedies for acne?

You can create many of the natural adult acne remedies with items you have in your home right now. Let’s look at a few simple ones.

Green tea

Green tea has been known to help with weight loss and overall well-being in the body. It contains antioxidants which are substances that combat free radical damage in the body that causes you to age and not too well. Green tea is steamed so that the natural healing properties it holds remain intact. One such healing property is antibacterial.

Steep a couple of green tea bags in hot water. Use the tea bags as a poultice and apply to your face directly to the acne pimples. The cooled tea water can be used to rinse your face several times a day.

Fruit remedies

Many fruits have healing properties that benefit the acne sufferer. You eat fruits. Now, use them to beautify your skin. Orange peel is a popular acne natural remedy. Crush us an orange peel and mix it with water. The resulting paste can be applied to your face. The citric acid acts as an astringent.

Fruit leaves like strawberry and blackberry can be boiled with water and packed together to create a poultice that is then applied to the acne spots. The poultice will soothe the pain in the skin.

Tomatoes are technically a fruit and a vegetable. It’s not just for skunk smells. Applying fresh tomato paste to your face like a mask can reduce your acne problem.

Honey is not a fruit but it carries antibacterial properties. Mix it with cinnamon and wear like an overnight mask to relieve acne symptoms.

Are you suffering from acne? Look around your home for the remedy that will help you stop the pain and unsightly breakouts.

Acne Natural Remedies – Three Natural Remedies That Will Kill Your Acne Instantly

Teen acne and adult acne are often caused by hormones. Acne starts when your pores get plugged up or when your sebaceous glands produce too much oil. Your hormones dictate how much oil your sebaceous glands produce, and when your hormones are irregular, so is the oil production in your glands. This leads to an overdose of oil poured out onto your face, back, and chest, and causes the insurmountable pain and embarrassment of acne pimples, blackheads, and cysts. To combat this, you need to find acne natural remedies to control your acne.

Some acne natural remedies are just plain hoaxes. Others are wives’ tales that may or may not work for your skin. And yet others work very well for lots of people, and will clear up your acne without causing you to go to the doctor for an Accutane or birth control prescription.

So are you ready to find acne natural remedies that work for you? Here’s three to get you started.

1. Zinc: Taking zinc internally is your first step to clearing up your face. Zinc is a powerful supplement that targets the bacterial development in your skin and clears away the stuff that’s plugging up your pores. Take one 50 mg tablet every day with lunch.

2. Orange Peel: Next, you’re going to need something to put on your face. Grate an orange peel with a grater or knife, mix the shavings with a little bit of water or lemon juice, and apply the paste to your face. The Vitamin C in the orange will calm down the pores and clear out your glands. Another good way to increase your Vitamin C intake is by taking a 1000 mg (1 gram) tablet every morning with breakfast.

3. Aloe Vera: Now you’ll need something to tame down the redness. I’ve found that applying aloe vera to my zits works much like applying it to sunburn: it soothes the pain, calms the redness, and relieves the puffiness and inflammation. You can also put a pack of ice on your zits to reduce the swelling and inflammation.

Discover Acne Natural Remedies

The range of acne natural remedies to choose from is remarkable. There are hundreds of options, including herbal remedies, dietary supplements and of course some dubious procedural therapies. We suggest that you consult your pharmacist or health practitioner for well-informed guidance. They may well produce even more alternatives, but at least you may receive some useful advice alongside them. In this article we attempt to outline the most popular acne natural remedies and treatments.

Just because something is old does not necessarily meant that it is good. Many acne natural remedies have been in use for a very long time, yet there is little or no clinical evidence in support of them. The best that one can do is to examine the anecdotal evidence. This does however leave the consumer at risk of wasting time, energy and of course money on unproven, over-priced and ineffective quackery.

Keep It Cheap

What’s the best way to avoid the scams? Simply avoid all the expensive acne natural remedies, period. It’s the same with every illness and affliction. There’s always going to be an overpriced herbal remedy available, pretending to be a magical cure for the gullible (and possibly desperate) patient. Some so-called remedies are risible and have no prospect of proving their worth – notably all of those products described as homeopathic.

For the discerning consumer, there are hundreds of inexpensive acne natural remedies to try. Many of them are prepared commercially and sold over-the-counter by retailers. Others are easy to prepare yourself at home, and frequently the raw materials will already be to hand.

What natural ingredients are included in acne natural remedies? A surprising range, including rose water, mint juice, lemon, orange and lime juice. One of our favourites is that excellent stalwart, olive oil. Olive oil is useful as a skin cleanser and it is also useful as a moisturiser to help improve the appearance of acne scarring, which tends to reduce the skin’s elasticity.

The Empty Promise Of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is the so-called treatment in which the active ingredients are diluted so much that none of the original chemicals are actually present in the final product at all. Proponents make entirely false claims that these products have a useful clinical effect. They don’t. They may have a small placebo effect, but that really is the limit of it. This means that the patient believes that the product is effective and consequently seeks out specious evidence in support of that belief. The placebo effect may have some value in treating conditions such as headaches, backaches, mild depression and so on. Unless the patient happens to be delusional, it is completely useless when attempting to deal with an observable dermatological condition.

Homeopathy is certainly not unique in making specious claims and extracting money from ill-informed patients. There’s lots of competition and another major culprit is the ancient practice of acupuncture.

Acupuncture, The Ancient Scam In A Modern World

Rooted deep in ancient traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is a well-known alternative therapy. Its principles are based upon the stimulation of selected locations on the body through the insertion of fine needles, or sometimes merely by the application of direct pressure.

The locations are known as acupuncture points and they lie along supposed channels called meridians. It is asserted that the body’s energy, called chi, flows along the meridians. None of these concepts of chi, meridians and acupuncture points have any physical evidence for their existence at all.

Acupuncture proponents claim that it is able to help acne sufferers overcome the disorder. They say the same for almost every other ailment, too. Acupuncture’s credibility lies not in the clinically verifiable domain of modern medicine but instead draws heavily upon its antiquity and mystique. Every aspect of acupuncture is of dubious merit. For example consider the irrational selection of acupuncture points in the arms, hands, legs and feet in order to target bodily organs such as the liver, stomach, heart and lungs.